Wildlife Removal


Humane Wildlife Animal Removal Services in Atlanta & the surrounding areas

When you have animals on your property you need to remove them fast. The longer you wait the more damage and spread of diseases they can cause.

Below are just a few of the animals that we provide removal services for but there are far more than we can list. If you do not see it below simply contact us for a free phone consultation.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels have no place in your homes. We’ll help you get them out fast! Squirrels might be fun to watch when they’re out playing in your yard. It’s a totally different story if these pests ever find their way into your living space.

Rat Removal

These unwanted pests can wreak havoc without hesitation, from gnawing at electrical cables and wires to raiding the kitchen pantry, scratching at walls and wooden surfaces, and chewing everything else in their way. 

Bat Removal

If bats take up residence in your attic or other crawl spaces in your home it is recommended that you act fast when it comes to colony removal and exclusion. They can rack up damage to your house extremely fast.

Raccoon Removal

If they are left unchecked they can wreak havoc on your property from tearing apart your roof, air ducts, insulation and leave droppings everywhere they step.

Any kind of animal give us a call

Our job is to give you and your family piece of mind that the property and health risks have been taken care of by professionals. Even if you can only hear them but still are uncertain what kind of animal it may be, give us a call for a free phone consultation!