Raccoon Removal Services in the Atlanta Area

Fast Raccoon Removal & Exclusion

Raccoons are known to make their homes in attics, chimneys and other crawl spaces in our houses. Our Atlanta raccoon removal services will help you eliminate raccoons from your house, yard, or garden.

Raccoons are nuisance pests and move in families, if you have one chances are there are more or soon to come. If raccoons are left unchecked they can wreak havoc on your property from tearing apart your roof, air ducts, insulation and leave droppings everywhere they step. They are also know to be carriers of rabies which is a serious threat to your family.

If you are in need of raccoon removal in your house it’s best to contact us immediately for a free phone consultation.

Raccoon Removal Done The Right Way

We will safely and humanely remove all raccoons from your home and seal up any entry points to prevent future raccoons from making your home theirs. We will also perform cleanup of any droppings and notify you and can often repair any damage that the raccoons may have left behind. We’re just a phone call away from helping you regain control of your house from raccoons. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.





    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get rid of raccoons?

    There are some things that you can try such as remove or secure any food sources such as trash cans and bird feeders. Often they are looking for a place to make a den which means securing entry points.

    The best way to get rid of a raccoon from your house is through a thorough raccoon removal and exclusion service like Papa Squirrel. In our case, a process may include the following;

    • First, a thorough inspection of your property to ascertain the presence of raccoons, the pest population, their entry points, and the extent of the damage.
    • We’ll then develop a strategic trapping and removal program based on the details obtained from the inspection.
    • Humane traps will be set in high-traffic areas of your home to capture all the raccoons.
    • Once captured, the raccoons will be removed from your property and entry points sealed.
    How do I get rid of raccoons in my chimney?

    Uncapped chimneys are extremely common entry points for raccoons.

    Since these chimney spaces are usually dark, warm, and quiet, more like a hollow tree space, the raccoons love it there and can take residence there. To know if you have raccoons in your chimney, look down through the space with a flashlight during the day. If you can’t find spider webs within space, chances are raccoons have been through there.

    The best way to get a raccoon out of your chimney is to contact a professional raccoon removal service like Papa Squirrel. We’ll remove and secure the chimney to prevent any future raccoons from making your chimney their home.

    How do I get rid of raccoons in my attic?

    Raccoons like warm spaces to raise their young, so their preferred areas include attics, chimneys, spaces under decking and porches as well as crawl spaces under the property.

    Removal from the atttic is best left up to the professionals at Papa Squirrel, the most common method is to use a one way out trap. They exit but can not return. We will not only identify the points of entry and seal once the removal is completed but we will also take the time to determine if you have a mother raccoon with an active liter. 

    If you only remove the female her young will almost for sure die without her. We will humanely remove the female and her liter so that they can be relocated where they can continue to grow as a family. 

    Will raccoons leave on their own?

    Once raccoons find a suitable nesting place in your home, it’s usually because they’re looking for a place to raise their young ones. This might take anywhere from eight to ten weeks before they leave on their own “if” they want to leave.

    Can raccoons damage my house?

    Raccoons are highly destructive animals and can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your property. These nuisance pests are known to rip up roofs, shingles, fascia boards, air ducts, insulation and much more. They can also soil insulation, ceilings and obstruct chimneys with their nesting materials.

    What kind of diseases do raccoons carry?

    Aside from the economic and financial damages these animals pose, they are also known carriers of rabies. There are a number of diseases that may arise from the accumulation of their fecal matter. These diseases can easily pass from animals to humans and can make you fall sick.