Bat Removal Service in the Atlanta Area

Best Bat Removal & Proofing

Bats are a known carriers of rabies and removal should not be attempted by none other than a professional bat removal and exclusion service like Papa Squirrel.  If bats take up residence in your attic or other crawl spaces in your home it is recommended that you act fast when it comes to bat colony removal and exclusion. The economic damage will continue to add up the longer they are left in your house but the health risks they pose are greater than any financial damage that your house will sustain.

We will identify the entry points and place traps that will capture or only allow for exits for safe removal. Once the bat colony has been removed we will seal the entry points to prevent any further infestations. Their guano, bat droppings, pose a severe health hazard if left untreated and often require replacement of insualtion, floorboards or drywall. Contact us for a free phone consultation on how to conduct your bat removal and proofing today.





    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to remove bats from my house?

    Our bat removal and exclusion process will take about two to four days on average. Once we’ve removed all of these pests and set the proper control measures in place, you can get back to enjoying your home without worrying about these unwelcome guests. 

    We will setup a process that may include the following:

    • First, a thorough inspection of your house to confirm the presence of bats.
    • Secondly, we conduct a trapping and removal process to get the bats out of your attic, and
    • Finally, a repair/exclusion process, starting with sealing off possible entry points and then disinfecting the invaded spaces.
    How do I get rid of bats in my attic?

    Bats are protected animals under Georgia law, which means it is illegal to kill or poison them.

    The best solution to get rid of bats in your attic is to identify their point of entry and place a one way exit device with no re-entry. Once they are all gone seal up the points of entry. Since bats are known carriers of rabies and their guano are known health risks it is best to leave this task to a professional bat removal service company like Papa Squirrel.  

    What health concerns should I be worried about with bats in my house?

    Bats have serious health risks so you can’t afford to let them continue living in your attic or any part of your house for that matter. They are known carriers of rabies and should only be remvoed by a professional. Their guano, bat droppings, urine, bat fur, can carry high health risks.

    Guano is also known to contain a kind of fungus known as Histoplasma capsulatum which can cause serious lung infections in humans. This happens when guano dries up and becomes an airborne pollutant. Inhaling the pollutant can result in infections to the lung that can spread to other organs of the body.  Histoplasma capsulatum infections can be fatal so it’s not even advisable to clear up bat droppings in your house by yourself, contact the professional bat service removal company like Papa Squirrel to perform bat removal and cleanup.

    What kind of damage can bats do to my home?

    Bats are some of the worst pests you’ll want in your house, considering the extent of damage they’re likely to cause. Aside from being a noisy nuisance, having a bat colony in your attic can cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

    Bats will claw at wood, insulation, and other structural components of the building. Everything they come in contact with tends to have marks left behind from their body oil. Their guano, fecal matter, also smells so bad that it can permeate walls and can be smelled throughout the house. Worse still, bat guano can damage your insulation and wooden surfaces significantly which often have to be replaced.

    How do you make sure that bats do not return?

    We understand that removing the bats is only half the job.

    This is why we follow the trapping and removal process with our proven exclusion process that’s guaranteed to make your home bat-proof so these pests can’t enter your house again.

    At the core of our exclusion process is the sealing off of any bat entry points that have been identified during our thorough inspection process.

    Do you clean up all the bat droppings and mess that they have created in my house?

    Yes, we have a specialized processes for cleaning up bat droppings and the mess they might have created during the infestation. This is necessary since bat droppings, urine, and mess, generally carry the risk of diseases that could be severe to you and your family.

    Our bat removal service in Atlanta and the surrounding areas includes cleaning up this mess and following it up with disinfection of the affected areas.